Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Worries of a Writer

I don't know about other writers, but I always worry about my work being mediocre. When I write a scene, I think, 'Is this exciting enough? Will this bore my readers? Is it good enough?' And sometimes, because of my insecurities, I end up scrapping whole projects because I don't think that its good enough (which sometimes is a heartbreaking process because I can really fall in love with an idea). I can't even tell you how many times I've written the book I'm working on now, or the many, many different ways it was written. I don't think any one would even recognize it...
So do I worry about my current project not being good enough? Every day. But as I go back and read previous chapters, I realize that it's funny and romantic, and I'm sure lots of people would read it...
I can't wait to see the finished project! :)


  1. Well, Kat I have to say you're not alone. I think every writer, aside from those egotistically driven ones, share your worries. One of the hardest things for me to do is actual finish my first draft. I constantly reread the entire thing every thousand words or so and as I do, it sounds so...boring. But if I actually finish and spend a little time reworking it, my writing always satisfies me.

  2. Oh and by the way, I made my way to your blog from the WD Forums!

  3. Thanks a bunch! It's nice to know someone is actually reading this :)

  4. Oh boy, can I ever relate! Good luck with your current project. It sounds like this time around you have more confidence.