Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reading my manuscript in wonderment and horror...

Hey all,
I've been going through my manuscript (slowly) and at times I'm amazed at how FANTASTIC some scenes are. However, other times I want to take my lap top and throw it across the room to destroy the terribleness that some chapters have turned out to be. I know how important the first few chapters are in a novel - especially in a debut novel! They're supposed to be the hook that makes my readers never want the book to end, yet when I read the fourth and fifth chapters, I was highly unimpressed. They lacked the darkness and action they needed and I know that any reader would roll their eyes and drop my manuscript in a second if I didn't do something about it. Luckily, I've been struck by a muse! Fantastic (and frightening - which is what the chapters call for) ideas are rolling through my head and onto my computer screen.
That's the beauty of editing! You can get ideas that you didn't have before that will make the storyline better and cut the crap that's holding the story back.
Well, time to get back at it!