Saturday, August 6, 2011


So I have some good news! I've finished the serious edits to my book! As much as I want to hit it again with the small edits, I've given it to family members to read, which is probably best. I hear all the time that it's a good idea to set the manuscript aside for a while before you go back to it, so that's the plan. However, I'm itching to get back at it. What I will do for the rest of the summer is look for potential publishers. I'm thinking about going with an agent, but that's something I need to do a bit more research on. If you have any experience with agents, I'd love to hear about it! Other plans for the summer are as follows: beach, read, party, fair, and other various fun things, not necessarily in that order!

OH by the way, I have picked a new title. I'm calling it "For the Love of You." What do you think?

till next time!