Monday, September 13, 2010

Epic Fail

I must say that I did not reach my goal of finishing the editing of my novel this summer. Although I am disappointed in myself, I realized that I have a serious procrastination problem that needs to be dealt with. I have two excuses for my failure:
1: I had to work hard during the summer because I have no income during the school year, so a lot of my focus was on earning some moo-lah.
2: Frankly, I had a seriously hard time even getting started on the editing process!
The task seemed too huge and my brain kind of shut down. I didn't know where to begin or what needed to be done. It was like I was trying to climb these stairs and every step got a little bit bigger. I had a hard time moving forward because the step was too high. Hopefully that little metaphor made sense...
It seems like a task way too big for me to handle and even now I have no idea what to do... Any editing tips my faithful readers can provide would be much appreciated!