Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finished my First Year of University!

WOO HOO! Only three more years to go! I'm very excited because I finally can focus on doing the things I want to do! I have already crossed Shift, by Rachel Vincent off my Must Read list, and today I'm going to focus on editing Chapter four.
Shift was fantastic. I love Rachel's whole Shifter's series and I'm so sad that there's only one book left! I highly recommend her books, but start with Stray. It's a series with great characters and a fantastic plot in every book. Pick them up and read them, I guarantee you'll fall in love with them!

I'm wondering at how to go about this whole editing process now that I can actually sit down and do it. I've been reading my novel chapter by chapter and fixing it up that way, but I'm wondering if I need to read the entire book before I begin serious editing. Any opinions?
Till next time!