Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Books I am dying to read...

So as a student, the only reading I get to do is textbooks. I think I got to read a book that I wanted to read way back in first term, but as I remember, it put me behind in my text readings. I can't wait till school and exams are  over so I can finally crack open these books that I've been dying to read:

 Shift by Rachel Vincent
My Soul To Save by Rachel Vincent
Hard and Fast by Erin McCarthy
The Taking by Erin McCarthy
Fire Study by Maria V Snyder
And I'd love to reread the Harry Potter series

There are are a hundred more books on my shelves that I'd love to get to, but those are the ones on my mind right now...
What books are you dying to read?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My truth revealed!

Okay, so I guess I should tell you my one truth from the list of lies.  No, I do not wear high heels for everything. I wish I could, but if I did, I would have stumps for feet. I did not elope on my grad night, though I do think it would have worked, with the white dress and his tux :P. I hate writing essays. They take me away from the writing I really want to do and put me behind in all my other homework. I can use public bathrooms, I'm the least organized person on the planet and all the socks in my underwear drawer belong to my sister (sorry Jill!). My one truth is number four: Homer's make up shotgun. While I am sure that it's not every girls dream to get shot in the face every day, it sure would give me a lot more time to work on homework and other stuff. I'll make it clear though that I don't really want a make up shotgun.... only some days.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My First Award!

So Jai from Jai Joshi's Tulsi Tree gave me an award for "Creative Writer" and it's my first one, so I'm very proud of it, so thanks Jai! Also, there's a little game type thing that should be fun:

1: Thank the person who gave you the award and link to them.
2: Add the award to your blog
3: Tell six outrageous lies about yourself and one truth.
4: Nominate six creative writers and post links to them.
5: Let your nominees know that they have been nominated.

Okay, so six outrageous lies and one truth...
1) I make supper in high heels because it makes me feel very 'Bree Hodge' (you know, from Desperate Housewives). I also wear them to do homework, to work out, to do laundry, to write my book...
2) I eloped on my graduation night with my boyfriend because my dress was white. It seemed convenient, so why not?
3) I love writing essays. I get to learn all about a subject and put it down into 2000 words... Go Pepin the Short!
4) You know that make-up shotgun from the Simpsons that Homer invented? You can put on all your make-up with the simple pull of a trigger. Sometimes I wish I had one.
5) I can't use public washrooms because they're gross.
6) I am always organized and never lose a damn thing.
7) I have never EVER stolen socks from my sister. Never.

And my award nominees:
1) Dorraine Darden at Free Ice Cream
2) Elyzabeth M. VaLey at In a dream beyond...
3) Jeanne Tomlin at Writing and More
4) Megan Rebekah at Megan Rebekah Blogs... and Writes
5) Wendy at On the Front Porch
6) KatieBabs at Babbling about Books and More

Cheers all!