Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My truth revealed!

Okay, so I guess I should tell you my one truth from the list of lies.  No, I do not wear high heels for everything. I wish I could, but if I did, I would have stumps for feet. I did not elope on my grad night, though I do think it would have worked, with the white dress and his tux :P. I hate writing essays. They take me away from the writing I really want to do and put me behind in all my other homework. I can use public bathrooms, I'm the least organized person on the planet and all the socks in my underwear drawer belong to my sister (sorry Jill!). My one truth is number four: Homer's make up shotgun. While I am sure that it's not every girls dream to get shot in the face every day, it sure would give me a lot more time to work on homework and other stuff. I'll make it clear though that I don't really want a make up shotgun.... only some days.


  1. Woo-hoo! I knew it! The make-up gun is too cool an idea to not be sincere.


  2. You changed the look of your blog. ^^ Colorful!
    If it works properly, I guess the make-up gun, could be quite a success xD