Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello all! I hope you had a great holiday, I know I did. It was so nice to spend time at home with my family and relax. I've had tons of time to work on revisions and I've come up with all sorts of new ideas to improve the story. I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to rewrite those scenes that need some extra spice and get rid of the ones that, well, suck. Yesterday, I worked on it all day until I was mentally exhausted, but it felt really good to get a lot of work done.
My New Year resolution is to have my book completely finished and mailed out before 2011. It's a lot of time, but with school and life in general, who knows where I'll be in a year.
What are your resolutions?


  1. I admire anyone who makes new years resolutions. I never make them myself because if I somehow end up failing then I feel like crap. Instead I stick to the plans I've already made as part of my life goals and try to be more disciplined about reaching those goals.

    Good luck with your resolutions!


  2. Thanks Jai! I make resolutions to give me a good kick in the butt. Usually, I get lots done the first month, but eventually the resolution falls to the wayside. Maybe I should make monthly resolutions? hmmm...

  3. Hang onto your resolutions, Kat! I hope you get exactly what you want in 2010.

    I don't usually make them, but I guess goals are comparable. In that case, yes, I have a few. First one: to finish my second novel. Let's get busy, shall we?

  4. Kat I don't know how you keep it all together,..but I sure do admire you for it. Keep up the good work, but don't exhaust yourself. And as for the rest of you commentors :) far as resolutions my latest post. Maybe it will help, OR you guys can post something that just may help others!
    Hang in there Kat!

  5. Sometimes I don't know how I keep it all together myself lol, but I find if I work hard enough then things get accomplished. That Chapter gets written, that essay is finished, that book gets read... I honestly don't know how I made it through last term... hopefully I stick to my resolutions! Fingers crossed.
    Thanks all for your comments. It's really nice to read your encouraging words and it makes me want to work harder to get stuff done!